Customer Use Cases



Turned 4% of Pass-Through Traffic Into Paying Customers with Targeted Sales Strategies

With ENTERA™, home appliance retailer attached to a mall discovered that 8% of its traffic was cutting through the store to access the mall. By A/B testing in-store strategies, they identified the most effective sales & marketing strategies to turn pass-through traffic into paying customers.


PLAYBOOK for Global Roll-Out of Self-Checkout Technology

With ENTERA™, a major retailer developed a PLAYBOOK  for Global Roll-out of Self-Checkout technology, for high customer adoption and to ensure a high return on technology investments. 

PLAYBOOK for Fashion Accessory Roll-Out by Global Cosmetic Retail Brand

With ENTERA™, a Global fashion accessory retailer created a PLAYBOOK for the roll-out of a new line of accessories by implementing scalable and repeatable processes to ensure customer engagement and superior customer experience in every location.


Converting 3% of Pass-Through Traffic into $240 Million in Revenue

With ENTERA™ this travel retail operator was able to analyze the engagement rate, behaviour, and demographics of pass-through traffic, increasing their conversion rates through better staff-visitor engagement and more targeted marketing campaigns.

Actionable Insights on 1.1 Million Pass-Through Traffic to Capture Missed Sales

With ENTERA™, this department store identified the ratio of pass-through traffic, as well as their age, gender, and behaviour, allowing them to target this demographic through strategic product placement and converting 10% of their pass-through traffic. 


20/20 vision for data-driven retailers using AI technology

Learn how ENTERA™ enabled a data-driven digital native eyewear brand to A/B test its marketing strategies and increased its store walk-ins by 2X.

Smart City & Transportation


Improved ridership traveling time by 30% and close to 3M/year in savings

With ENTERA™, one of the biggest metro systems in North America. improved riders traveling time, uncovered system capacity needs for long-term planning, and saved close to 3M/year in outdated technology.