C2RO EVENTS | C2RO at Oser entreprendre au féminin

Updated: Apr 27

On June 1, our Co-founder Soodeh Farokhi will be a panelist on “Oser entreprendre au féminin” – the second-ever panel discussion of its name hosted by Audāx Avocats for women entrepreneurs or aspiring women entrepreneurs.

Soodeh and the 4 other panelists featured at this event are all women who started their own business and made a name for themselves in Tech and E-Commerce, fields traditionally not associated with women. They will share their personal experiences and challenges, provide relevant advice and deliver inspiring testimonials on various topics related to entrepreneurship.

The panel will be mostly in English, but questions and interactions are welcome in both English and French. Make sure to mark your calendars for an evening full of content and encounters!

You can see the event’s Facebook page here.