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C2RO EVENTS | C2RO on Stage at Montreal’s Eurêka! Festival on June 9th

Eureka! is Quebec’s biggest celebration of science for the whole family (6 years old and up). More than 760,000 enthusiastic visitors, including 44,000 students, have attended the festival since it began 11 years ago.

C2RO Founder and CTO Soodeh Farokhi will be presenting on how robots can be part of our daily lives, by doing everything from recognizing our faces and greeting us personally, to holding a conversation with us. Come and join her in English at 11:00, and for a bilingual presentation at 11:45 on June 9th, where she will be demonstrating with her to-be-announced robot friends! For more info, go to the Eurêka! Festival website.

Photos copyright © Melanie Dusseault.


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