C2RO EVENTS | C2RO to Present at SAP Webinar Series: Turning Data Into Insights

Updated: Apr 27

In October 2020, C2RO joined SAP.iO Foundry Berlin’s Data & Analytics program where they integrated their privacy-aware AI video analytics platform, Perceive™, with SAP’s data analytics solutions and offered them to SAP customers. During this 3-month program, C2RO worked closely with SAP executives and mentors and had access to SAP HANA and analytics technologies, accelerating their entry into a curated and inclusive ecosystem whose offering was easily accessed and deployed by SAP customers.

As the program comes to an end, SAP.iO Foundry Berlin is celebrating by presenting a webinar series, Turning Data Into Insights, covering the following topics: – The importance of vertical solutions and SAP’s Industry Cloud – How can Consumer Products companies stay competitive in the current market conditions – Data & Analytics trends to keep an eye on and 7 dedicated webinars to get you started In session 7, C2RO’s founder and Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Soodeh Farokhi, and SAP VP of Product Strategies, Aaron Garber, will jointly present how to turn your unknown store traffic into paying customers by reusing existing in-store security cameras, C2RO’s GDPR-compliant AI video analytics solution, and SAP’s operational data.

Watch the Recorded Session