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C2RO BLOG | Why invest in an AI video analytics solution for your occupancy management system?

As we begin to return to full functionality, businesses will have to do their part in preventing the resurgence of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by controlling the number of visitors entering and occupying their spaces. Technology providers, including people counting, wifi tracking, and video analytics solution providers, have responded to the need with automated occupancy management systems, helping businesses manage their facility occupancy rate in real-time. Below we discuss the key selection criteria that businesses should consider when deploying an occupancy management system, as well as compare the accuracy and reliability between traditional counting and AI-powered video analytics technologies.

Key selection criteria for an automated occupancy management system

Automated display notifications and real-time staff alerts to ensure adherence to safety regulations Using a simple traffic light system displayed on a monitor at your facility’s entrance, the solution should automatically inform visitors whether it is safe to enter or not. Real-time alerts should be sent to your staff notifying them when certain events occur, such as reaching upper and lower bound occupancy thresholds. This allows them to automatically and passively implement critical safety measures with minimal manual tasks and human involvement.

Mobile-friendly live monitoring along with a centralized data analytics dashboard Quick access to a live occupancy dashboard with a visual graph segmented through red, yellow and green regions, as well as real-time facility occupancy status that analyzes across all entrances and exits of your facility. You should also have access to historical data, allowing you to analyze data patterns and optimize your operations initiatives for improved safety measures.

Turnkey solution for quick installation and deployment with minimum hardware cost An all-inclusive solution package that requires minimal hardware set-up is both cost-effective and efficient, allowing you to quickly deploy at scale. The most advantageous solutions are those that eliminate the deployment cost completely by re-using your existing hardware infrastructure, such as your surveillance cameras, to do the people counting and facility occupancy analysis.

Extendable and accurate software solution The technology should be able to seamlessly extend to additional analytics features using the same hardware. In addition to providing you basic counting metrics, a video analytics solution can offer other AI functionalities such as socio-demographic analysis, mask detection, hand sanitizer conversion, and sentiment analysis. Moreover, real-world customer deployment results have shown that basic tracker technologies (e.g., door counters and WiFi trackers) lack the accuracy that a video analytics solution can provide. Read more about why data accuracy is critical here.

Privacy-aware solution for data privacy regulations compliance No matter how pressing external factors may be on businesses to find a quick solution, the solution you choose to deploy in your facility must always be system and application compliant with data privacy regulations and best practices. Deploying a data privacy compliant solution demonstrates your commitment to respecting individuals’ privacy rights even during a global health crisis. Read more about the importance of GDPR compliance here.

C2RO’s Automated Occupancy Management System

In response to COVID-19, C2RO has developed an automated occupancy management solution. Leveraging their proven AI video analytics technology platform, their solution automatically manages your facility’s occupancy rate in real-time, and proactively ensures that social distancing guidelines are respecting, keeping both your staff and visitors safe.

Reusing your existing surveillance cameras for traffic monitoring and occupancy analysis, C2RO’s automated occupancy management system is a cost-efficient hardware and software solution package that can seamlessly extend to other AI-powered features, including demographic and journey analysis with no extra hardware needed. The solution leverages the company’s world-renowned C2RO PERCEIVE™ platform, which received its GDPR compliance approval from the CNIL, a recognized data protection authority in Europe.


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