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Public Safety

Real-time Systems to Assist with Safety Protocol Adherences

The Problem.

Public and private facilities must meet strict and ever-changing regulations to keep their employees and visitors safe. They are struggling due to requiring additional staff to manage new in-store needs, while having to limit visitors due to occupancy and social distancing constraints.

Crowd of People with masks
C2RO COVID-19 Solutions

The Solution.

Building on our renowned AI video analytics software, ENTERA™, we developed smart safety features, including:

🗸  Automated and real-time occupancy analytics,
🗸  Temperature detection system, and
🗸  Mask detection for large, indoor physical facilities.

Accurate and Reliable Data in Large Scale Commercial Deployments and High Areas of Congestion.

Sample of a real-life deployment at a large commercial facility with a daily traffic of 20,000 people.

C2RO ENTERA Dashboard Showing Occupancy in Real-Time

ENTERA Solutions and Applications
for Public Safety


Detects whether visitors entering or inside your facility are wearing face masks by using your facility’s security cameras. Proactively ensure that both visitors and staff are in compliance with government health regulations.
Crowd of People with masks


Actively monitor the sanitation level of your facility through dwell-time and heatmaps captured by your security cameras to show the most frequented spaces in your facility by staff and visitors
Sanitation Station
Senior Couple in Airport


Uses your security cameras to analyze the distance between visitors, ensuring adherence to social distancing measures inside your facility. Identify various visitor types (e.g. alone or groups) and differentiate safe social groups (e.g. families) from random visitor clusters.
C2RO Automated Thermal Screening


Automated and contactless thermal screening, to determine ratio of people entering your facility with elevated body temperatures and proactively prevent health risks.

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Prevent safety threats, avoid high-density hotspots and ensure health and safety regulation compliance. 
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