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C2RO Awards



2023 Global Excellence Award

C2RO was honored with the 2023 Global Excellence Award by the judges of Acquisition International Magazine.


Launched in 2018, the AI Global Excellence Awards celebrates and draws attention to innovative companies, teams and individuals who are driving change, surpassing expectation, and excelling across the vast corporate landscape.

Via Acquisition International Magazine



Most Innovative Privacy-Aware AI-Based Video Analytics Solution 2021

C2RO™ was recognized as the most innovative privacy-aware AI-based Video Analytics solution. Its bio-metric free AI Video Analytics stack is built to ensure that the identity and data privacy rights of individuals are protected, by ensuring that any of the uniquely identifiable personal information is never or at any time captured, kept, or transformed.

C2RO™ is compliant with the most restrictive data privacy regulations in the world, such as GDPR.



Top Placer Artificial Intelligence 2021

C2RO was honored "Top Placer Artificial Intelligence", by the judges of the 2021 Global Awards.


The International Trade Council‘s Go Global Awards help celebrate the businesses that are innovative, unique, and enterprising.

World Innovation Awards - Top 50 Startups Badge.png


Top Startup at the World Innovation Awards 2021

C2RO was honored to be one of the Top Startups at the World Innovation Awards where a selected pool of 50 winners had the privilege to showcase live their latest innovations at the World Festival 2021.


The WorldFestival 2021 Innovation Awards program is the largest worldwide awards competition identifying and recognizing global innovation, with 1,000+ startups, companies, and organizations competing online in the Community Voting round, and evaluated by our industry-expert Judging Committee, all leading up to WorldFestival 2021 (August 17-19, 2021).



Most Pioneering AI Video Analytics 2020

C2RO™ was recognized as the most pioneering AI video analytics solution of 2020 for its technological advancements in accurate, reliable, comprehensive, and privacy-aware data analysis.



Most Trusted Retail Technology Company 2020

C2RO™ was recognized as one of the most trusted retail technology companies of 2020 for successfully tackling the data privacy regulations, a key barrier for AI video analytics technology providers.



STM Smart Mobility Award 2019

C2RO™ was awarded the STM Smart Mobility Award for the potential that its AI video analytics solution offers in terms of innovation in sustainable and smart mobility solutions.

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