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Optimizing Operations, Improving Security, and Delivering Personalized Guest Experiences,

All While Respecting Privacy

The Problem.

The hospitality industry faces multiple challenges. Key issues include ensuring exceptional customer experiences through personalized service, maintaining a safe environment by preventing theft and unauthorized access, managing large facilities efficiently to impact customer satisfaction and operational costs, and addressing rising operational expenses with cost-effective solutions.

Hotel Reception
Couple Checking In

The Solution.

Biometric-free AI Video Analytics analyzes video data without compromising guest privacy and aids in customer behavior analysis, space optimization, and personalized services. It enhances safety and security, helps with queue management, and provides cost-effective, privacy-friendly solutions while empowering the hospitality industry with actionable insights.

ENTERA Solutions and Applications
for Hospitality


Analyze guest behavior and preferences while safeguarding individual identities' anonymity. Obtain valuable insights into customer choices to customize services, provide tailored experiences, and promote relevant amenities effectively.
Couple on Vacation


Optimize staff allocation based on real-time customer traffic and demand. Monitor the flow of guests at check-in counters, restaurants, or other service points. Identify congestion areas, enabling staff to take timely actions to reduce waiting times and enhance guest satisfaction.
Cleaning Hotel Room
Hotel Door Lock


Detect unusual behavior, such as unauthorized access to restricted areas or suspicious activities, and promptly alert security personnel.
Beautiful Spa Pool


Monitor public areas and restricted zones for potential threats. Enhance security by detecting unusual or suspicious activities, ensuring a safe environment for guests and staff. Aid in fire and hazard detection, helping prevent accidents and responding promptly to emergencies.


Detect unoccupied areas and adjust lighting, heating, and cooling systems accordingly, which leads to energy savings and promotes sustainable practices within the hospitality facility.
Hotel lounge


Prevent theft and losses within the hospitality premises. Identify suspicious behavior around valuable assets, reducing the risk of theft and minimizing losses.

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Enhance Operational Efficiency, Bolster Security Measures, and Provide Tailored Guest Experiences, All While Upholding Privacy Standards.
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