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ENTERA for Operational Excellence

A Convergence of Innovation and Intelligence

The Problem.

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, traditional methods fall short in addressing critical challenges. The inability to capture nuanced visitor behavior and demographics poses a hindrance to maximizing ROI on in-store promotions and aligning inventory with dynamic regional trends.

Efficient staff allocation, understanding store operations during peak and low traffic, and ensuring store safety have become pressing concerns

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The Right Fit

The Solution.

Revolutionize your approach to operational excellence with ENTERA™. Capture visitor behavior and demographics without relying on invasive biometrics. Our innovative solution allows retailers to link brand engagement, product interactions, and sales data to socio-demographic classes in real time, providing unparalleled insights for maximizing in-store promotions and aligning inventory with regional trends.

Prevent Lost Sales by Efficiently Allocating Staff to Long Queues

Say goodbye to lost sales due to long queues with C2RO ENTERA™. Retailers can efficiently monitor lineups, track traffic, and analyze average time spent to strategically allocate staff resources. This not only enhances the overall customer experience but also ensures that potential sales are not lost due to extended waiting times, fostering customer loyalty.

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Optimize Store Operation for Peak and Low Traffic

Unlock operational efficiency with C2RO ENTERA™. Retailers can now understand the intricate relationship between product placement, staff allocations, and sales/conversion rates. By connecting visitor data with inventory and sales information, businesses gain insights to drive more efficient staff allocations, refine store layouts, and optimize inventory management to adapt seamlessly to both peak and low traffic scenarios.

Boost Revenue Performance by Capturing Visitor Behavior and Demographics

Unleash the potential of your retail space with C2RO ENTERA™. Retailers can now seamlessly link brand engagement, product interactions, and sales data to visitors' socio-demographic classes in real-time. This invaluable information is the key to maximizing ROI on in-store promotions and aligning product inventory with regional trends, propelling your revenue performance to new heights.

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Enhance Customer Experience and Increase Conversion Rates

Revolutionize your customer experience strategy with C2RO ENTERA™. By collecting and analyzing customer engagement metrics and feedback from in-store promotions, marketing campaigns, and new store technologies, retailers gain actionable insights.


These insights are critical for A/B testing, allowing businesses to analyze trends across traffic, sales, and conversion metrics, ultimately leading to increased conversion rates and heightened customer satisfaction.

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Increase Marketing Efficiency and Sales, Enhance Customer Experience, and Maximize ROI
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