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Smart City & Transportation

Bring New Services to City Centers and Improve Efficiency of Existing Infrastructure

The Problem.

Public Transportation Agencies struggle with maintaining quality of service for their passengers. Modeling software is inaccurate and does not allow them to model the effects of changes and possible improvements and so they are driven toward trial and error for trying to arrive at a solution to their congestion problems.

Woman at Subway
Inside the Subway Station

The Solution.

Get accurate entrance and exit counts, as well as occupancy rates, to understand traffic flow from one station to another and usage patterns of commuters. Link traffic insights to external factors, such as socio-demographic behavior, time, and day to predict and match transit services to actual service usage for increased operational efficiency and user satisfaction.

Keep Passengers Safe.

Monitor traffic flow patterns and user behavior in real-time to identify potential hotspots and areas of concern, allowing for a proactive and timely response when needed. Continuously ensure the safety of your facilities by automatically and passively screening commuters for elevated body temperatures, to implement the necessary preventive safety measures.

London Tube

ENTERA Solutions and Applications
for Smart City and Transportation


The automated and real-time crowd monitoring system reuses your security cameras to control the entry rate and traffic flow of your facility. Extract volume and velocity metrics to feed simulation tools and increase the success of new site configurations.
Waiting for the Subway


With the existing security cameras in your facility, analyze crowd density in real-time with live alerts on occupancy threshold violations. Automated crowd management that identifies high-density hotspots to quickly address them, keeping your spaces safe and identifying peak congestion.
Full Stadium
Rush Hour


Accurately assess conversion rates for transportation services, including footfall traffic, path option selections, time of arrival estimates, and service interval monitoring.
Crowded train station


Real-time Monitoring of queues and line-ups including the throughput, density, average time spent, and boarding throughput linked with vehicle arrival/departure times allows for transportation services management and optimization.

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Optimize services and ensure safety across your entire transit network.
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