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Fireside Chat Intel and C2RO

Intel Edge Innovation
Executive Fireside Chat

Deep technical collaboration between Intel and C2RO has enabled 'Journey-to-Touch Analysis' scalable to thousands of enterprise locations by leveraging highly scalable and cost-effective Intel x86 processor technology and Intel's powerful OpenVINO toolkit.

ENTERA™ USE CASE - Redefining Retail Security with Advanced Loss Prevention and Unmatched Privacy

As theft tactics evolve, retailers need innovative solutions. Biometric measures, while common, pose privacy concerns and aren't foolproof.

ENTERA™ is here to revolutionize your security game. This unobtrusive marvel uses AI and video analytics for real-time monitoring and anomaly detection, ensuring a secure environment without relying on biometrics.

✔ Reduced Theft: Experience a significant drop in theft incidents.
✔ Increased Profits: Safeguard your profits with top-notch security. ✔ Operational Efficiency: Streamline your operations for maximum efficiency.
✔ Empower Your Decisions: From inventory management to store layout, ENTERA™ equips retailers with insights for well-informed decision-making.

ENTERA™ USE CASE - Fuel and Convenience Operational Excellence

Revolutionize your Fuel and Convenience stores worldwide with C2RO ENTERA! Boost operational efficiency by measuring employee tasks, food prep, and product availability accurately. Identify loss prevention scenarios swiftly to enhance customer satisfaction and protect your assets. With strict data privacy regulations, C2RO ENTERA ensures utmost security.

C2RO ENTERA with 100% FACELESS AI is a game changer.

Have you asked your AI partner how they audit their data? How do they train their models? You should.

, the absolute safest technology in the world, which provides compelling advantages and new capabilities including:
• Determining demographics in 360 degrees of view at a greater distance and with no restrictions on the angle
• The ability to train highly accurate models using data from the actual site of analysis
• The ability to audit data and guarantee accuracy to the customer

ENTERA - The Most Advanced GDPR-Compliant Video Analytics Platform in the World

ENTERA provides comprehensive, accurate, and 100% FACELESS shopper journey insights, detailed socio-demographic breakdowns, and full conversion funnel analysis, enabling data-driven decision-making to improve the quality of service, customer experience, and safety.

CASE STUDY - PLAYBOOK for Global Rollout of Self-Checkout Technology

With ENTERA, a major retailer developed a PLAYBOOK for Global Roll-out of Self-Checkout technology, for high customer adoption and to ensure a high return on technology investments. 

CASE STUDY - PLAYBOOK for New Product Line Roll-Out

With ENTERA, a global cosmetic retail brand is ensuring high conversion rates in new market segments by defining a PLAYBOOK to strategically Roll-out the new concept across every location. 

C2RO & SAP Strategic Partnership - Data Analytics Package

Leverage ENTERA AI-powered video analytics to extract actionable customer insights: Optimize store operation, enhance the customer experience/satisfaction, and boost sales performance.


Machine Vision – what’s in it for IoT with Riccardo Badalone

Did you know that AI-powered video analytics provide more significant behavioral insights than purposed physical sensors?

Listen to the latest episode of ThingsHappen featuring Riccardo Badalone, CEO at C2RO, and learn how behavior is turned into real-time actionable data, offering immediate quantifiable benefits for planning and operating commercial and manufacturing enterprises while retaining individual anonymity.

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