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Machine Vision – what’s in it for IoT with Riccardo Badalone

Did you know that AI-powered video analytics provide more significant behavioral insights than purposed physical sensors?

Listen to the latest episode of ThingsHappen featuring Riccardo Badalone, CEO at C2RO, and learn how behavior is turned into real-time actionable data, offering immediate quantifiable benefits for planning and operating commercial and manufacturing enterprises while retaining individual anonymity.

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SAP Webinar Series: Turning Data Into Insights


Learn how unknown store traffic can be turned into paying customers by reusing existing in-store security cameras and powering them with C2RO’s GDPR-compliant AI video analytics solution, and SAP’s operational data.

How C2RO PERCEIVE is different from other retail technologies


C2RO's CEO, Riccardo Badalone, explains how C2RO Perceive™ is different from other video analytics technology, and why it is the journey analytics solution of choice for industry leaders in Retail and Smart City.

CASE STUDY - PLAYBOOK for Global Rollout of Self-Checkout Technology

With C2RO PERCEIVE™, a major retailer developed a PLAYBOOK for Global Roll-out of Self-Checkout technology, for high customer adoption and to ensure a high return on technology investments. 

CASE STUDY - PLAYBOOK for Global Rollout of Self-Checkout Technology

With C2RO PERCEIVE™, a global cosmetic retail brand is ensuring high conversion rates in new market segments by defining a PLAYBOOK to strategically Roll-out the new concept across every location. 

Adapt seamlessly to rapidly shifting health and safety protocols.


Retailers recognize the challenges of meeting COVID-19 requirements as stores reopen. C2RO PERCEIVE™’s intelligent safety and security solutions are capable of conducting large-scale analysis for large public and private facilities to efficiently deploy health and safety protocols.


We helped you keep your employees and customers safe, now let us help you grow your business again.