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ENTERA™ is unlike any other video analytics platform in the world and is setting a new bar for GDPR compliance. Patent pending technology ensures that all data and statistics gathered by the system are explicitly not derived from visitors' faces.


This guarantees that personal information and uniquely identifying information is never used in the collection of data and statistics at the site of analysis. This is true for all data generated by the system, including demographics and camera-to-camera reconnection.

What are the advantages of 100% FACELESS AI?

Unlike traditional systems to determine demographic classification which requires the processing of facial images, and in some cases, sending images of faces to the cloud for processing, ENTERA™ determines demographics using non-biometric information and does not include the face in any processing. 

Not only is ENTERA™ the absolute safest technology in the world, but it also provides very powerful advantages and new capabilities including:

  • Determining demographics in 360 degrees of view at a greater distance and with no restrictions on the angle

  • The ability to train highly accurate models using data from the actual site of analysis

  • The ability to audit data and guarantee accuracy to the customer

Blurred Business People

Is 100% FACELESS AI Accurate?

Absolutely, in fact, it is more accurate than traditional approaches to because you can leverage 10x more contextual information, freely leverage site data to audit and train models, and there are no restrictions on data accumulation to train and maintain neural networks. C2RO guarantees the accuracy of all our models including demographic analysis.

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