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Industry Overview

Find out how ENTERA™ can help you transform your industry

Spice Store


Unlike e-commerce, physical retail has no deterministic means of understanding the direct effect of in-store promotions and staff interaction on the walk-in conversion rate. They struggle to collect the actionable data that allows for optimal product placement and inventory management as a function of visitor traffic flow and regional factors like socio-demographics.

Shopping Centers

Understand visitors’ journeys in your facility segmented by socio-demographic class. Analyze their preferences and engagement levels. Data-driven operations and sales strategies to increase your revenue and improve visitors’ experiences. 

Fashion Shop Display

Events and Trade Shows

Convention centers have long tried to understand how attendees navigate and interact with exhibitors and showcase products with the goal of generating a higher return on investment for everyone involved. Various wireless technologies have previously been applied to understand traffic and journeys, but lack accuracy, scale, and reliability.

Smart City and Transportation

Public Transportation Agencies struggle with maintaining quality of service for their passengers. Modeling software is inaccurate and does not allow them to model the effects of changes and possible improvements and so they are driven toward trial and error to arrive at a solution.

Woman at Subway
Vaccine Production Line


Understand and correlate hundreds of variables and isolated data sets in manufacturing settings to improve industrial efficiency, asset uptime,

and safety at scale in real-time. 

✓ Identify Silos and Bottlenecks
✓ Make Better Decisions about Maintenance
✓ Fast Track Time To Market


The healthcare industry faces cost challenges, data privacy concerns, and access disparities. The solution involves nurturing creative methods and collaborations to create a resilient and fair healthcare framework. 
Integrating biometric-free AI video analytics into healthcare facilities allows for enhanced patient care, safety, resource allocation, and operational efficiency, all while ensuring the privacy of data and patient confidentiality.

Hospital Employees

Banking and Finance

In banking, physical security and fraud challenges persist, as conventional methods fall short against modern threats. Both external and internal risks underscore the importance of robust fraud prevention to mitigate potential financial losses. Emphasizing enhanced operational efficiency for cost reduction and customer satisfaction, ENTERA™ detects suspicious behavior, tracks individuals without biometric data, and spots anomalies like loitering. The ENTERA™ 100% FACELESS AI™ platform assists banks with fraud detection, compliance, and improved customer service via behavior and traffic analysis.


The hospitality industry faces a range of complex issues including delivering personalized customer service, ensuring safety, optimizing large facilities, and managing costs. ENTERA™ Biometric-free AI Video Analytics offers a solution by analyzing video data to enhance customer behavior analysis, space utilization, and personalized services without compromising privacy. It improves safety, queue management, and cost-effectiveness, furnishing actionable insights and empowering the industry.

Hotel Reception
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