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Industrial Applications

Combine Operator Movement, Machine, and Telemetry to Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Task Management

The Problem.

Today's competitive environment calls for clearly understanding and successfully correlating hundreds of variables and isolated data sets in industrial settings.


Production sites must be more agile, with the capability to react to changing demands quickly. The most successful companies are leveraging AI-fueled Video Analytics to compress engineering time, reduce inefficiencies, and expedite development and production.

Vaccine Production Line
Machine Arm Assembling Car

The Solution.

A wide range of industries leverage advanced analytics and the power of AI-based neural networks to determine the most influential parameters to diagnose, enable parallel planning, and correct process flaws.

ENTERA Solutions for Industrial Applications


Accurately analyze the frequency and qualitative attributes of specific human-to-machine interactions (pumping, pressing, displacing objects). Collect statistics to compare across time and other variables to assess quality and consistency.
Pipe work check


Understand the movement of people and/or objects with a high degree of accuracy and consistency including path sequence, arrival/departure time, and localized density.
Robot arm
Car-making factory


Accurately assess the time it takes to complete specific tasks and/or the frequency with which certain tasks are executed. Correlate task completion time with movement statistics.
Two Technicians Working On Machine


Real-time evaluation of safety equipment and safety regulation compliance, including hard-hats, safety glasses, safety garments, and more). Real-Time alerts or statistics regarding adherence to safety zones and keep-outs.

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