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Transform Your Business by Understanding Everything about How Your Customers

Interact with Your Products and Associates

The Problem.

Unlike for e-commerce, Retailers have no high-resolution data for understanding the performance of in-store promotions and initiatives. They cannot optimize in-store usage of space and mitigate the impact of variations in traffic flow due to regional or localized elements because they can only rely on inferred data that is collected across a wide range of stores and data points.

Store interiors
Shopping for Clothes

The Solution.

ENTERA™ provides comprehensive and accurate shopper journey insights, detailed socio-demographic breakdowns, and detailed analysis of shopper behavior related to specific points of interest. Drive revenue growth by maximizing operational efficiency of staff and space while specifically measuring effectiveness of sales and marketing campaigns.

ENTERA Solutions and Applications
for Retail

Outdoor Mall


Understand visitor behavior and social habits by demographic class. Study visiting patterns to identify the optimal visitor route. Build engaging and interactive spaces that speak to your actual audience.
Friends Shopping Together


Benchmark product displays and new services with insights on dwell-time, focus, and touch metrics. Couple this highly strategic data with journey sequences and socio-demographics to effectively drive conversion goals or ensure ROI on new technology roll-outs.


Identify high-traffic areas in your physical facility by analyzing heat maps and visitor engagement rates with staff and space. Quickly identify and address inefficiencies to increase your revenue per square foot.
Trying on Shoes


Real-time Monitoring of queues and service counters including the throughput, average time spent, abandonment rates and customer/employee ratios to ensure the highest level of customer service and reduce negative experiences and lost sales opportunities.
Looking at Televisions


Track brand impressions in real-time, anonymously, by identifying individuals and their focus on displays. Evaluate ad performance, refine marketing tactics, and pinpoint peak customer engagement hours. Compliant with GDPR, our non-intrusive approach prioritizes privacy, enabling data-driven decisions to boost the ROI of in-store advertising efforts.
Grocery Store Worker


Achieve enhanced product visibility, minimized errors, and maximized sales potential by ensuring shelf arrangements adhere to planogram agreements. With continuous monitoring of store shelves and displays in real-time, AI Video Analytics quickly identifies and rectifies any deviations from the designated planogram, maintaining a well-organized and customer-friendly shopping environment.


Identify suspicious activities or behavior patterns. Real-time alerts enable rapid response, preventing incidents from escalating and minimizing losses. Analyze historical data to identify trends and hotspots, aiding in proactive security measures and resource allocation. Overall, enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of loss prevention efforts, safeguarding assets, and ensuring a safer environment for businesses and customers alike.
Loss Prevention


Gain valuable insights into demand patterns and inventory movement, and make informed decisions about restocking, product placement, and supply chain optimization. Benefit from cost savings and improved inventory turnover as visibility increases. Elevate customer satisfaction by ensuring timely product availability.
Buying Bedding

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Improve in-store performance and drive-in conversion rates.
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