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Banking and Finance

Real-time Systems to Enhance Security, Optimize Operations,

Improve Customer Service, and Prevent Fraud

The Problem.

The banking and finance industry confronts challenges concerning security and fraud prevention in their brick-and-mortar facilities. Traditional security measures may not adequately address modern threats, including robberies, fraud, and unauthorized access to sensitive areas. Fraud prevention is crucial as banks continually face risks from both external and internal sources, leading to potential financial losses.

Optimizing operational efficiency in physical locations remains a priority for enhancing customer experience and reducing costs. 

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The Solution.

Biometric-free AI Video Analytics offers enhanced security through real-time analysis and anomaly detection for the banking and finance industry.

✓Identifies suspicious activities and potential security breaches,
✓ Tracks individuals without using sensitive biometric data,
✓ Detects anomalies like loitering.

ENTERA™ 100% FACELESS AI™ helps banks and financial institutions detect fraud, comply with regulations, and optimize customer service by analyzing behavior and traffic patterns.

ENTERA Solutions and Applications
for Banking and Finance


Monitor banking premises, ATMs, and transaction areas to detect suspicious activities, such as loitering, unauthorized access, or potential fraud attempts. Alert security personnel in real-time, to help prevent fraudulent activities and enhance overall security.
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Optimize queue management in bank branches. Track customer movements and wait times, to identify peak hours and allocate resources more efficiently, leading to improved customer experience and reduced waiting times.
A woman using an ATM maching


Enhance the security of ATMs by detecting suspicious behaviors, such as card skimming or ATM tampering, triggering immediate alerts for preventive actions.
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The technology can be used to track high-value assets within the branch, such as cash vaults and equipment. It can raise alerts in case of unauthorized access or unusual activities, enhancing security and asset protection.


Utilize precise people counting to track the flow of individuals entering and exiting the bank branch. Effectively manage occupancy levels to comply with capacity restrictions and social distancing guidelines.
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Enhance operational efficiency by streamlining processes and allocating resources more effectively, resulting in cost savings and increased productivity.
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Enhance security measures, optimize operational efficiency, elevate customer service, and take proactive steps to prevent fraud
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