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Maximizing Event Return on Investment and Improving the Visitor Experience

The Problem.

Convention centers and show venues have long tried to understand how attendees navigate and interact with exhibitor and their products, trying to design successful events for better visitor experience, increased conversion and higher event ROI. Various wireless technologies have previously been applied to understand traffic and journeys, but lack of accuracy, scale and reliability have continuously led to gaps in data and understanding.

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The Solution.

ENTERA™ is specifically designed to generate footfall and journey data for large-scale venues like event centers and shopping malls. You can gain key insights into a venue’s footfall to optimize your venue layout and:

✓ Identify the most popular points of entry and exit,

✓ How people interact with the venue,

✓ Areas of dwell and much more.

The benefits of using ENTERA for Events and Trade Shows

Conversion Rate of Target Attending Demographic

Know the event attendance demographic per point of interest throughout the venue. Analyze which programs could attract their target demographics to manage the next event more effectively via post-show performance data analysis.


Attendee Engagement and Journeys

Understand how attendees navigate across space and identify hotspots through traffic flow analysis to understand which areas had the highest engagement rate and conversion.

Event Security and Safety

Know the total occupancy rate at each section of the venue at any given time through the accurate entrance and exit counts, to manage crowd density across the entire space and prevent potential safety and security threats with minimum human involvement.


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