Shopping Centers

Optimizing Tenant Selection by Understanding Socio-Demographic Journeys

The Problem.

Shopping malls are facing intense pressure to provide an enticing experience to ever changing demographic segments of the population which have diverging interests from previous generations. Understanding the demographic associations to brands and interests is the key to success and survival.

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The Solution.

Shopping malls are in a unique position to offer their customers with a centralized space for shopping, entertainment and dining. Visionary mall operators using C2RO’s AI video analytics solution have successfully differentiated their offering by leveraging our comprehensive and accurate demographically classified journey insights, to build data-driven strategies that elevate the customer experience.

The benefits of using ENTERA
for Mall Operators


Traffic Flow

Understand how visitors navigate your shopping mall to drive leasing strategies, optimize operational efficiency, increase security and safety measures, and identify property development opportunities.

Tenant Performance

Analyze high-performing tenants and identify how they attract visitors to your mall, to optimize tenant placement for increased traffic to anchor tenants and key areas.


Cross-Shopping Patterns

Identify the set of tenants that make-up the shopper journey of target demographic groups, to uncover cross-shopping patterns and increase customer spending.

Demographically Classified Visitors

Identify the demographic make-up of your mall visitors to understand shopping patterns and behaviors of each demographic class.


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