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Engineering Principles

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Privacy Safeguard Pioneering Technology

Pioneering 100% FACELESS AI

C2RO’s 100% FACELESS™ AI Video Analytics Stack is, by design, built to ensure that the identity and data privacy rights of individuals are protected.

C2RO™ has become recognized as the most trusted video analytics company in the world and has pioneered a new class of ‘non-biometric’ video analytics AI-powered systems.

Leverage existing infrastructure

Leverage Existing Infrastructure

Our AI is uniquely architected to use existing security infrastructure at customers’ sites, even in large public environments where there are significant gaps in coverage.

Security Cameras
Ease of integration

Seamless Deployment and Operation

Hyper Scalable architecture for plug and play deployment in high volume retail applications, with zero downtime, and without compromising the requirement for high system availability.

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Unparalleled Accuracy

Unparalleled Accuracy

✓ Our proprietary AI analytics solution achieves maximum accuracy and consistency for each deployed camera by safely training AI models with actual customer data while remaining fully GDPR compliant.


✓ Our patent-pending technology allows for safe and accurate audits so you can always trust your data-driven decisions.

Backward Compatibility

Backward Compatibility

We future-proof your system and protect your investments by ensuring backward compatibility between our products and continue to support existing functionality on legacy products.

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