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C2RO BLOG | How to ensure that your stores are following the new Quebec COVID-19 regulations


In anticipation of the increase of in-store shoppers during the holiday season, the government of Quebec announced an intensification of control measures inside commercial establishments to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Commercial establishments such as retail and food stores, pharmacies, and liquor stores, will be required to adopt an in-store occupancy limit and display the maximum number of customers allowed at the front of their store. Inside the space, the stores are responsible in ensuring that social distancing and the use of face masks are respected by shoppers.

With these new regulations to be in effect as of December 4th, retailers can ensure compliance by integrating technologies like C2RO’s smart safety solutions, including automated occupancy management and real-time face mask detection, to automate safety procedures and minimize unnecessary contact between staff and visitors.

Leveraging your store’s existing security cameras and C2RO’s proprietary AI technology, we help you automatically manage your store’s occupancy rate and traffic in real-time by using a display at your entrance with a simple traffic light system to inform visitors whether they can enter or not, depending on the current number of visitors in your store versus total number of visitors allowed. Our system can also include face mask analysis which detects the ratio of visitors with and without a face mask, helping you ensure that your spaces are in full compliance with government health regulations. Furthermore, all of your store’s data can easily be accessed through our secured and centralized analytics dashboard, allowing you to actively monitor your store occupancy and visitor face mask breakdown throughout the day.

C2RO Occupancy Management: All-Inclusive Package Monthly Subscription Fee

Hardware Package

1 x Edge node Uses existing surveillance cameras

Software License Package Unlimited access to monitoring, configuration, and dashboard Unlimited real-time alerts via email Real-time HTML-based display notifications

With our smart and automated occupancy management and face mask analysis system already deployed at numerous tier-1 customer sites across North America and Europe, C2RO is the favoured retail analytics provider due to our advancements in accurate, reliable, comprehensive, and more importantly GDPR and PIPEDA compliant data analysis. Our AI-powered video analysis platform, Perceive™, which is leveraged in all of our solutions, has been exhaustively vetted by 3rd parties for compliance with Europe’s GDPR and PIPEDA through Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA). The Perceive™ PIA has been reviewed by both the CNIL, a national data protection authority in France, and a Canadian law firm which have concurred with the conclusions made by our Office of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) that CRRO Perceive™ does not present high residual risks for the privacy rights of individuals.


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