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AI Video Analytics 101 | Blog Series Part 5 | C2RO

Part 5: Key Applications – Smart City

In part 4 of this series, we discussed the first key applications for AI video analytics: Essential Stores. Grocery stores, hypermarkets, and pharmacies with an AI video analytics solution that leverages existing security cameras can maximize operational efficiency to boost sales performance while monitoring store safety in real-time to ensure that their spaces remain open and operate efficiently without putting both staff and visitors at risk.

Public transport agencies’ ability to derive actionable and data-driven data analytics insights in real-time from their existing surveillance cameras allows them to decongest transit services, optimize system capacity, and enforce critical safety measures whenever required. With C2RO’s AI video analytics solution, one of the largest public transportation agencies in North America was able to measure the travel time of its commuters, measure the fluidity of each station, analyze the crowd density and wait time on its platforms, as well as study the in-and-out traffic of its stations.

Traffic Flow

Analyze traffic flow inside your transportation hubs, such as train stations and airports, and recognize traffic patterns to better predict user and service operations needs.

Fleet and Staff Management

Identify the rush hours for your stations to match fleet and staff availability to actual traffic count, allowing you to develop data-driven operations that lower wait time and increase service usage.

Safety and Security

With accurate enter and exit counts in real-time through the station’s security cameras, you will always know how many commuters are in your stations, helping security personnel reduce response time to potential safety threats.

About the AI Video Analytics Series

In this series, ­C2RO shares their expertise, as a thought leader and recognized pioneer in AI video analytics technology, on how AI-powered video analytics (e.g., AI Video Analytics) is transforming indoor physical spaces by providing businesses with a 360-degree view into people behavior and business operations insights. In part 6 of this series, we’re going to introduce the advantage of an AI video analytics solution for commercial real estate.

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