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AI Video Analytics 101 | Blog Series Part 7 | C2RO

Part 7: Key Applications – Events

In part 6 of this series, we discussed a key application for AI video analytics: Commercial Real Estate. By leveraging an AI video analytics solution and integrating it with their existing security cameras, retailers can make data-driven decisions that maximize their operational efficiency, boost store performance, as well as develop more targeted sales and marketing strategies to grow sales margin and elevate customers’ in-store experience.

Obtaining insights on an event or trade show’s performance is critical for event organizers as well as venue owners, as it determines the success of a show as well as its continuation. Convention centers and show venues equipped with security cameras and AI video analytics software can help event organizers and venue owners understand how attendees navigate and interact with exhibitors and their products, helping them design successful events for a better experience and increased event ROI.

Conversion Rate of Target Demographic

With demographic breakdowns of attendees (e.g., age and gender) for key areas of the show, analyze which programs are attracting targeted attendees more effectively.

Attendee Engagement and their Journey

Understand how attendees navigate across space and identify hotspots through traffic flow analysis, recognizing which areas have the highest engagement rate and most effective conversion rate.

Event Security and Safety

With accurate enter and exit counts in real-time, know the total occupancy rate at each section of the venue to manage crowd density across the venue, preventing safety threats and automating security measures.

About the AI Video Analytics Series

In this series, ­C2RO shares their expertise, as a thought leader and recognized pioneer in AI video analytics technology, on how AI-powered video analytics (e.g., AI Video Analytics) is transforming indoor physical spaces by providing businesses with a 360-degree view into people behavior and business operations insights. In part 8 of this series, we’re going to introduce the advantage of an AI video analytics solution for public safety, and how automated safety measures can keep both facility staff and visitors safe.

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