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AI Video Analytics 101 | Blog Series Part 8 | C2RO

Part 8: Key Applications - Public Safety

In part 7 of this series, we discussed a key application for AI video analytics: Events. Convention centers and show venues leveraging an AI video analytics solution help event organizers and venue owners understand how attendees navigate and interact with exhibitor and their products, enabling them to design successful events for better visitor experience, increased conversion, and higher event ROI.

Public and private facilities equipped with an AI video analytics solution that leverages existing security cameras, and includes smart safety and security screening features, will not only give visitors peace of mind but also allow facility owners to monitor public behavior and key risk indicators in real-time to ensure the safety of their physical spaces. Below we highlight the various benefits of using an AI video analytics solution to ensure safety in commercial facilities.

Thermal Screening

Leveraging a thermal camera with AI video analytics technology allows for an automated and contactless thermal screening solution, allowing businesses to determine the ratio of people entering their facility with elevated body temperatures and proactively prevent health risks.

Occupancy Management

Analyzing the occupancy rate of the space through the facility’s security cameras provides businesses with more accurate entry and exit counts while saving on hardware costs. Managing the crowd density across the entire space, and at specific points-of-interest, allows businesses to identify hotspots and manage traffic flow in real-time to avoid reaching maximum capacity.

Mask Detection

Through the facility’s security cameras, businesses can detect whether visitors entering or inside the space are wearing face protection masks, helping ensure that visitors and staff are in compliance with government health regulations.

About the AI Video Analytics Series

In this series, ­C2RO shares their expertise, as a thought leader and recognized pioneer in AI video analytics technology, on how AI-powered video analytics (e.g., AI Video Analytics) is transforming indoor physical spaces by providing businesses with a 360-degree view into people behavior and business operations insights.


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