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C2RO BLOG | Critical Metrics to Measure For the Safe Return of Businesses and Workers After COVID-19

Since the start of the global health crisis, COVID-19, government, and health officials have been proactive in the announcement and implementation of their virus-control and economy-protection initiatives. However, only a few have shown that same proactiveness in the development of a COVID-19 exit strategy. To be ready to act once lockdown restrictions are lifted, public and private sectors will need to strategically plan their exit from COVID-19, which includes detailed protocols for social distancing measures and the continued testing of individuals.

The application of effective and large-scale testing and safety monitoring system will be critical in preventing the resurgence of the virus as well as ensure that employees can return back to work safely. For this reason, AI video analytics solutions capable of operating in large-scale physical facilities are now a must-have and a mission-critical system that will allow the revival of the economy and market demand by getting people out of their homes and businesses back to work.

Leveraging AI video analytics to eliminate health and safety threats in public spaces Public and private facilities equipped with an AI video analytics solution that includes smart safety and security screening features will not only give visitors and staff peace of mind but also proactively prevent the spread of viral infections in large physical spaces. For a solution to effectively keep visitors and staff safe, the following metrics must be available to businesses in real-time:

  • Facility Capacity Metric: Know the number of people entering and exiting your facility, to manage traffic flow and entrance rates and prevent overcrowding in your space.

  • Social Distancing Metric: Monitor the physical distance between visitors, to ensure that social distancing guidelines are respected.

  • Thermal Screening Metric: Automatically screen visitors entering your facility to ensure that your space is virus-free and secure for both visitors and staff.

A global health crisis is not an excuse to violate data privacy laws To answer the public and private sectors’ need for an effective, large-scale testing and health monitoring solution, many technology companies have enthusiastically answered this new demand by developing and introducing their very own technological innovation. This has caused a significant backlash from the public that is concerned that these new solutions may be too result-focused with little regard for individuals’ privacy rights and data privacy laws. For this reason, C2RO has built a long-term solution that answers both current and future requirements for automatic and passive safety and security screening technology.

Meet C2RO Perceive™ with the BeSafe extension Using the same trusted and reliable privacy-aware AI video analytics solution favored by Tier1 enterprise customers operating in commercial real estate and smart city and transportation industries, C2RO Perceive™ with the BeSafe extension allows for large scale analysis of human density, levels of proximity, and body temperature in large, indoor public and private spaces.

Density Index Unlike other solutions, C2RO’s facility capacity metric, known as density index, provides three levels of insights:

  • Global Density Index: accurate entrance and exit counts, as well as occupancy rate, for a clear overview of human density across your entire facility, including shopping malls, public transit stations, and offices.

  • Local Density Index: analyzes human density at specific point-of-interest in your facility, such as an overcrowded meeting room or a public transit service kiosk, to help limit and prevent the overcrowding of confined spaces.

  • Local Density Analysis: automatic detection of high-density areas in your facility by C2RO’s system such as a popular and high-traffic office lounge, allowing for proactive and timely response and the continued monitoring of identified at-risk spaces, like an office lounge or a public transit train platform.

Proximity Index Analyzes socio-demographic behavior to identify the various kinds of visitor types (e.g. alone or in groups) present in your facility. Differentiate safe social groups, such as families, from random visitor groups, and analyze the distancing between visitors considering their social groups, to ensure that social distancing guidelines are respected.

Risk Index Using a dual (thermal and optical) camera and C2RO’s proprietary computer vision technology, automatically and passively screen the temperature of visitors and employees entering the facility. Identify abnormal temperature patterns among them, take the necessary actions in real-time, and proactively implement preventive safety measures.

Public and private sectors with the means to monitor public behavior and key safety indicators, through real-time alerts and a centralized data analytics dashboard that provides them with insights to their various geographically distributed sites, can now ensure our progressive return to full functionality while upholding the highest safety and security standards for the public.

Different payment terms for different needs

We understand that not everyone might have the financial means to invest in our services at the moment, which is why we developed different payment terms so that everybody can gain the advanced analytics needed to continue to drive business goals and growth during these challenging times. Contact us to learn about our different payment terms.


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