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C2RO EVENTS | C2RO at IEEE Artificial Intelligence in Consumer Electronics

Come meet C2RO at Artificial Intelligence in Consumer Electronics, a free event hosted by the Montreal chapter of IEEE Consumer Electronics Society. IEEE CE Society is an organization focusing on the advancements and learning of electronic engineering and sciences within the field of Consumer Electronics and has grown to become the leading association in the consumer electronics sector.

This exclusive event will bring together local leading experts in a discussion highlighting important observations and opinions on the different issues facing this industry, the impact that artificial intelligence will have on consumers, how can data stay secure, and the benefits of AI consumer electronics. The panelists include 3 experts within the world-leading Montreal AI segment. Jeremy Bares the Chief Architect of Element AI, Ted Hill the CTO at Homebeaver, and Gilles Boulianne the Director of Speech and Text at CRIM. Wrapping this impressive lineup is Jean-Francois Martin the Head of Products at Mnubo, who will act as Moderator.

The C2RO team will be in attendance, including our Founder Soodeh Farokhi. Contact Soodeh at for more information on C2RO, and come chat with us during the networking times before and after the discussion!

The event will take place at WeWork, located at 3 Place Ville Marie in Montreal beginning at 5:30 Pm on September 12th, 2017. You can register and learn more about the free event here, and get your tickets while they last!


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