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C2RO EVENTS | C2RO Showcasing at eTail Canada

eTail brings together top minds at Canada’s most successful retailers to meet and learn. With the most disruptive eCommerce content and a focus on technology, eTail is designed to help you optimize the profits from your business.

C2RO is joining 500+ retail innovators over three days of insight, interaction, and innovation. We will showcase how to achieve scalable, accurate, and actionable insight on your business via a live demo of C2RO Anonymous Visual Analysis Platform.

With C2RO’s data output, you will understand exact journey trees of your customers broken down into specific demographics with context like corpulence, social groups, dwell-time, and intent. At the 3rd day of the conference (May 9th), our CEO, Riccardo Badalone is a speaker at the Dragon’s Den | E-Comm Tech Special Edition where he talks about how machine vision, and not beacons or door counters, are the key to unlocking retails analytics.


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