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C2RO NEWS | Indiana University’s Prof. Fox Partners with C2RO to Create Intelligent Robotics

This article was originally published at SoIC News

Indiana University’s School of Informatics and Computing announced a technology partnership with C2RO, a cloud-based robotics start-up. SoIC Distinguished Professor Geoffrey Fox will serve as a technical advisor for the company.

C2RO’s products target robot manufacturers, integrators, and operators and offer a wide array of application programming interfaces (APIs) including robotic vision, multi-robot collaboration, and real-time monitoring – all handled by a cloud-based platform, resulting in a scalable software solution for any robot. C2RO’s real-time cloud-based platform enables robotic device manufacturers and operators to manage, monitor, and report on fleets of robots in real-time. The new company is addressing a gap in the robotics market: while the number of robots is growing exponentially, they can only perform the very specific tasks for which they were programmed. Given limited onboard processing, storage, and power consumption concerns, they are unable to efficiently collect, process, or share much data. C2RO helps robots augment their processing power to perform complex tasks.

“We have developed a software platform that connects robots in the cloud and processes the sensor data in real-time in a secure and reliable manner. Using our software-only solution, robots can share knowledge using the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms”, says C2RO co-founder Soodeh Farokhi. “We are delighted that Professor Fox has joined our broad academic network to advance the utilization of cloud and edge computing technologies at C2RO. We’re keen to bridge the gap between the robotics industry and cutting-edge academic research in cloud robotics and computer vision.

“C2RO is well-positioned as their platform is broadly applicable,” said Fox. “It will allow my cuddly robot, vacuum cleaner, high-speed lawnmowers, and even any smart home devices to share backend services and generate new ideas by linking their data together. Our intelligent systems engineering department is uniquely positioned to support C2RO.” As explained by Farokhi, C2RO’s robotic vision APIs enable mobile robots to perform tasks like following humans, recognizing objects, and performing simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) to construct and update maps while a mobile robot explores an unknown environment. In addition, C2RO’s multi-robot collaboration APIs make it possible for multiple robots to collaboratively accomplish a complex mission such as mapping large areas or mowing a golf course.

Founded at TandemLaunch by Soodeh Farokhi, Ph.D. in Cloud Computing, and Brian Moore, Ph.D. in Robotics, C2RO has assembled a growing, multidisciplinary team of experts and advisors in parallel computing, machine learning, computer vision, and telecommunications. The School of Informatics and Computing’s rare combination of programs—including informatics, computer science, library science, information science, and intelligent systems engineering—makes SoIC one of the largest, broadest, and most accomplished of its kind. The extensive programs are united by a focus on information and technology.

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