The Next Generation of Privacy-Aware AI Video Analytics

The World’s First Biometric-Free AI Video Analytics Solution

✓ Leverages Existing Security Camera Infrastructure

✓ Game-Changing Visitor Journeys, Socio-Demographics,
    and Point of Sale/Interest Analysis

✓ Industry-Leading Accuracy and Proprietary Audit


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Mission Critical Insights to Transform Your Business

✓ Real-Time Occupancy Management
✓ Socio-Demographic Analysis (Group/Age/Gender)
✓ Walk-by / Walk -Through Capture Rate 
✓ Dwell time in mapped areas (Point of Interest / POS)
✓ Point of Interest / Machine Interaction analysis
✓ Demographically Classified Journeys

Game-Changing Non-Biometric

Camera-to-Camera Journey Connectivity

Edge-Cloud AI architecture built for large-scale sites that allows inter-camera reconnection even when there is no overlap in camera view and 10,000’s of visitors per day.


Accurate Data.

Actionable Insights.

Proven Results.

The world’s first proprietary AI analytics solution that achieves maximum accuracy and consistency for each camera deployed by safely training AI models with actual customer data while remaining fully GDPR compliant.

Key Benefits and Features


Demographically Classified Journeys

Understand visitor behavior and social habits by demographic class. Study visiting patterns to identify the optimal visitor route. Build engaging and interactive spaces that speak to your actual audience.

Foot Traffic & Demographic Analysis

Know your facility’s occupancy rate and visitor activity to optimize building management. Maximize operational efficiency and improve public safety measures to improve the visitor experience.


Point-of-Interest Analysis

Measure the performance of specific areas, such as an entrance or point of sales, with insights on dwell-time and visitor behavior through journey analysis. Optimize your spaces to effectively drive conversion goals (e.g. sales, walk-in). 

Point-of-Engagement Analysis

Identify high-traffic areas in your physical facility by analyzing heat maps and visitor engagement rates with staff and space. Quickly identify and address inefficiencies to increase your revenue per square foot.


Centralized Analytics Dashboard

With a wide range of reports available on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, we ensure that you always have the actionable insights you need to drive revenue growth and rapidly generate ROI out of your initiatives. 


How it Works


is Changing Your Industry

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