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C2RO EVENTS | C2RO is Exhibiting at NRF 2020

C2RO is Exhibiting at NRF 2020, The World’s Largest Retail Show, January 12-14 2020, NY

C2RO to showcase C2RO PERCEIVE™, the Google Analytics for Physical Spaces, at NRF 2020. This powerful platform uses vision-based technology to provide data-driven Retailers and Commercial Real Estate operators with 20/20 vision.

Unlike Digital Native Brands that have readily available insights on visitors and their purchasing behavior, there is no equivalent of Google Analytics for the physical retail space. Existing technologies (WiFi, Beacons, Door Counters) are incapable of providing a comprehensive view into the end-to-end visitor journey due to significant gaps in coverage and insights. Vision-based technologies are the answer, but the rise in data privacy regulations has created a strong barrier to entry for such solutions.

C2RO’s newest product, C2RO PERCEIVE™, provides commercial real-estate operators and retail brands with a better understanding on the needs of their target demographic by analyzing the demographically classified end-to-end journeys and behaviors of visitors. Reusing existing surveillance cameras, the unique C2RO Perceive™ analytics platform can reconnect the journeys from one camera to another and is designed specifically for large-scale deployments, while complying to even the most stringent data privacy regulations in the world.

For Commercial Real-Estate operators: Effectively increase your revenue per square foot. Uncover critical synergies between brands based on the journeys taken by different demographic groups in order to ensure that long-term partners and commitments will provide you with the most favorable ROI.

For retail brands: Allowing you to do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t. Experiment different marketing strategies, measure their performance and attribute the in-store journeys and behaviors of demographic groups to sales transactions in order to identify the most effective sales and marketing initiatives.

To see C2RO Perceive™ in action, visit our BOOTH# 6042, LEVEL 3

C2RO is a sponsor and an exhibitor at this year’s NRF 2020 Vision: Retail’s Big Show. The National Retail Federation is known to be the eyes and ears of the retail industry, and the only organization that is capable of bringing an entire industry together for the world’s largest retail conference and exposition. This year’s event will gather big box retailers and high-tech companies to discuss the trends and new technologies that will mold the future of retail.

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