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C2RO EVENTS | Webcast: The Future of Retail – A Conversation about AI, Ethics, and the Metaverse

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📢 Save the Date for a Webcast You Won't Want to Miss! Join our CEO, Riccardo Badalone, alongside renowned industry experts for a thought-provoking dialogue on The Future of Retail: A conversation about AI, ethics, and the metaverse.

Prepare to unlock the potential of cutting-edge technologies such as large language models, computer vision, and digital twins as they revolutionize the retail landscape. Uncover the ethical challenges that lie ahead in this dynamic industry.

Don’t let this enlightening conversation with three AI trailblazers slip away. Together, we'll unravel the most pressing questions in retail AI and data privacy.

📅 Secure your spot for a session of your choice:

📌 October 31st:

📌 November 14th:

Join the conversation and step into the future of retail!


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