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C2RO NEWS | C2RO and SAP set the stage for a spectacular experience in LA Fashion Week

Picture of a model wearing a blue jumpsuit and sun glasses

🌟 Breaking News from LA Fashion Week! Get ready to be blown away as C2RO drops the curtain on our continued partnership with SAP, setting the stage for a spectacular experience. We are taking LA Fashion Week by storm, extending SAP's iconic Experience Center presence from the Big Apple to the City of Angels!

Step into the extraordinary world of the SAP Experience tent where SAP is Unleashing Creativity and Innovation and The Future of Sustainable Fashion unfolds before your eyes. Our mission? Seamlessly merging the online and real-world shopping realms, offering a platform for exploration, engagement, and pure excitement for both shoppers and retailers alike. Above all, SAP shines a light on how its solutions enhance transparency and convenience in retail operations, making the circular economy an intrinsic part of everyday business.

Dive deep into the world of consumer behaviors and take the reins with C2RO's game-changing ENTERA™ platform. Witness the magic as it reveals the hottest store spots while respecting customer privacy through our groundbreaking FACELESS AI™. These insights not only enhance speed and responsiveness but also keep you one step ahead of changes, enabling you to adapt to any circumstance, and ultimately reducing delivery and shipment times.

We couldn't be more thrilled as we introduce this game-changing innovation to the heart of LA Fashion Week, collaborating closely with SAP to redefine the future of retail. 🚀

LA Fashion Week just got a whole lot more exciting!


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