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C2RO NEWS | C2RO and Lenovo: Revolutionizing Retail Operations and Safety with Cutting-Edge User Behavior Analytics at MWC Barcelona 2024

Video animation with scenes of  the MWC Stage in Barcelona

🚀 Make your way to the Lenovo booth in Hall 3 Stand and prepare to witness the game-changing collaboration between C2RO and Lenovo unfold before your eyes. Brace yourselves for the live deployment of "User Behaviour in Critical Areas," fueled by the Innovative Edge Powerhouse Lenovo ThinkEdge SE350 V2 and the transformative power of C2RO ENTERA AI Biometric-free Video Analytics! This showcase of innovation is guaranteed to leave you in awe!


Here's why you absolutely can't miss it:

🔍 Accurate Data & Localization: Gain precise insights into visitor behavior with fine-grained localization, revolutionizing crowd analysis in critical areas. Rely on rock-solid data for strategic decision-making.


📊 Holistic Insights: Beyond mere counting, delve into qualitative insights like demographic analysis and visitor journeys. Gain invaluable understanding of customer needs, supercharge operational efficiency, and uncover lucrative new revenue streams.


💰 Cost-effective & Scalable: With a scalable SaaS model, harness existing surveillance infrastructure for up to 10X savings on Edge investments. Deploy swiftly and affordably with minimal hardware fuss.


🔒 Secure & GDPR Compliant: Rest assured knowing your data is anonymized and GDPR compliant. Make well-informed decisions with secure, privacy-protected insights tailored precisely to your business requirements. 🛡️ Protect Your Assets: Enhance security measures, detect suspicious behavior, and deter theft, ensuring a safer retail environment for customers and staff alike.


📍Catch us at the Lenovo Stand in Hall 3, Stand 3N30.


Don't let this epic demonstration slip through your fingers! It's reshaping in-store operations and delivering hefty ROI for businesses across the globe. See you there!



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