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C2RO NEWS | C2RO in the News after NRF 2019

NRF 2019 attracted all of the major retailers in the world, as well as the biggest retail tech & strategic partners, adding up to over 37,000 attendees.

C2RO was present in the Innovation Lab, which exhibited a curated selection of the Big Show’s most innovative and upcoming tech companies.

To showcase our company’s retail-oriented turnkey solutions, we invited a curated list of attendees to experience and review those solutions firsthand.

One of these attendees was Jon Reed, from the online publication Diginomica, who participated in a personalized demo and interviewed our CEO, Riccardo Badalone. Diginomica subsequently published a full-length article on the experience we provided their journalist and on C2RO’s difference from other visual recognition companies.

In the days following NRF 2019, Financial Times also mentioned C2RO in their article “Can tech save bricks and mortar retail?“, which summarizes the tradeshow’s most notable highlights (the article is accessible through Google or via an FT subscription).

C2RO was also in the spotlight of a fashion industry’s podcast, American Fashion Podcast. Indeed, Riccardo was interviewed once more and talked about the importance for C2RO of being compliant to data privacy legislation, the difference between facial recognition and analysis, how to integrate our system to existing in-store technologies, etc. You can listen to his segment halfway through the episode (23:05min).

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Spanish: La Oportunidad de las Tiendas Minoristas para Revivir Korean: 물건 올려두니 “할인입니다”… 오프라인 매장의 변신


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