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C2RO NEWS | C2RO recognized by Bosh Security & Safety Things

Bosch Security & Safety Things names C2RO as one of the top start-ups worldwide that is revolutionizing Computer Vision in IoT

C2RO was recently recognized by Security & Safety Things, a Bosch company, for its advancements in next-generation privacy-aware AI video analytics and how it is revolutionizing computer vision.

As Security and Safety Things mention, “data is the fuel that drives applications in the IoT. Videos from IP cameras for security purposes contain more than just video information. Cameras equipped with powerful processors and artificial intelligence can not only deliver but also analyze video and provide valuable insights.”

C2RO’s AI video analytics software platform, C2RO PERCEIVE, is the video analytics solution of choice for enterprise customers operating in physical spaces due to its techno logical advancements in accurate, reliable, comprehensive, and privacy-aware data analysis. The C2RO Perceive platform leverages proprietary and real-time edge-cloud AI architecture to process data, making it a scalable and GDPR-compliant data analysis solution.

Using a facility’s surveillance camera infrastructure, C2RO PERCEIVE captures a comprehensive set of quantitative and qualitative insights, to provide businesses with a 360 -view into business operations and visitor behaviour to maximize operational efficiency and drive long -term growth. In response to the recent global pandemic COVID-19, C2RO has also significantly and seamlessly extended the capabilities of the C2RO Perceive platform to allow real-time automated screening and large-scale data collection in both private and public sectors for intelligent safety purposes.

Check out C2RO’s COVID-19 solution to understand how to provide a safe and engaging environment for your visitors by reusing your existing surveillance cameras through C2RO Perceive, the next generation of privacy-aware AI video analytics.


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