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C2RO NEWS | C2RO selected as the Video Analytics partner for 5PRING's Transport Accelerator Program

We are pleased to announce that C2RO™ has been selected as the Video Analytics partner for the UK’s 5PRING Transport Accelerator Program.

The key leaders of 5PRING include Telefonica UK (O2), Deloitte, Wayra, West Midlands 5G, and the Digital Catapult.

5PRING has partnered with end customers within the UK’s transportation sector including; HS2 Ltd, Port of Tyne, National Express, Transport for London (TfL), Transport for West Midlands (TfWM), and BCRRE (Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education).

C2RO™ will address key pillars of the 5PRING Transport Program to implement transformative use cases that will enhance the customer experience across the transportation network.

5PRING aims to leverage 5G networks to deliver innovative and cutting-edge technologies that will benefit the UK’s massive private and public transportation network.

C2RO will have access to a 5G testbed and will implement customer-driven solutions using its’ C2RO PERCEIVE™ AI-Powered Video Analytics Technology. C2RO PERCEIVE™ provides valuable metrics on human behaviour in physical spaces. These metrics will help transportation organizations reduce passenger congestion, optimize operational performance and drive greater adoption of public and private transportation.

The program breaks new technology ground as the C2RO PERCEIVE™ AI-SaaS platform will deliver these metrics by leveraging video camera infrastructure powered by 5G connectivity. C2RO’s software platform is fully GDPR compliant and protects the data privacy rights of the public while offering the world’s most comprehensive human analytics in the world.

The 5PRING Transport Cohort commenced the program in early November 2021. Over the coming months, end customers will be able to evaluate the power of C2RO PERCEIVE™ and adapt use cases to address their current and future challenges.

Learn more about C2RO PERCEIVE™:


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