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C2RO NEWS | C2RO Unveils the Most Advanced GDPR-Compliant Video Analytics Platform in the World

C2RO Unveils the Most Advanced GDPR-Compliant Video Analytics Platform at Telefónica Innovation Days 2022

Montreal, Canada — May 25, 2022 — C2RO™, leader in Privacy-Aware AI-powered Video Analytics, today announced the unveiling of C2RO’s solution ENTERA™, the world's most advanced GDPR-Compliant Video Analytics Platform at the prestigious partner event, Telefónica Innovation Days in Zaragoza, Spain. ENTERA™ delivers state-of-the-art real-time human behavioral analysis including end-to-end journeys, socio-demographic classification, and detailed physical engagement including orientation and touch. ENTERA™ is the only platform to support 100% FACELESS AI™ which explicitly omits face images from the processing pipeline, again raising the bar for Data Privacy Regulation Compliance for the video analytics market.

“ENTERA™ represents a major disruption to the video analytics AI-SaaS industry,” said Riccardo Badalone, Chief Executive Officer at C2RO. “ENTERA™ is the new state-of-the-art in public safety and data privacy regulation compliance while providing new capabilities that are helping our customers prepare for a new era of data-driven decision making. It is all about measurable results, increased productivity, and contextual data in real-time, which is critical to uncovering opportunities, expanding business growth, and maintaining a competitive advantage.”

ENTERA™ is the third generation of GDPR Compliant video analytics platforms introduced by C2RO™ since 2018. It also features a new Hyper Scalable architecture developed in collaboration with Intel® specifically designed to simplify deployment across thousands of customer sites with the lowest capital expenditure requirements in the market. Customers can fully leverage their existing video surveillance infrastructure and industry standard compute resources to seamlessly generate valuable business insights accurately and with minimal impact on their existing IT infrastructure.


C2RO will be showcasing ENTERA™ for the first time at Telefónica Innovation Days. For more information visit the ENTERA™ product page or contact C2RO directly.

About C2RO

C2RO™ is the leading global provider of Privacy-Aware AI-powered video analytics for physical spaces using proprietary edge-cloud AI and computer vision technologies. The C2RO™ biometric-free solutions are built for scale and reuse existing surveillance cameras while being fully compliant with the most restrictive data privacy regulations in the world including the EU’s GDPR.

ENTERA™, C2RO’s flagship product, is the most advanced GDPR-Compliant Video Analytics Platform in the world. It provides comprehensive, accurate, and 100% faceless shopper journey insights, detailed socio-demographic breakdowns, and full conversion funnel analysis, enabling data-driven decision-making to improve quality of service, customer experience, and safety by detecting inefficiencies and bottlenecks that impact the ROI. ENTERA™ enables unprecedented savings on Edge Computing for large deployments across thousands of sites.

C2RO™ was founded in 2016 and headquartered in Montreal, Canada, a global hub for Artificial Intelligence. C2RO™ was named the 2020s most trusted retail technology provider in the world by CIO Techie magazine. It was also listed two years consecutively in 2020 and 2021 as the Most Innovative Privacy-Aware AI-Based Video Analytics Solution by Corporate Vision.

In 2021, C2RO™ was named the official AI Video Analytics Technology provider of Telefónica Tech, providing innovative Video Analytics capability to their IoT and Big Data portfolio and always prioritizing consumer data protection.

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