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C2RO NEWS | Montreal Gazette Features C2RO as 1 of 4 Startups Leading Montreal’s AI Charge

The Montreal Gazette named C2RO Cloud Robotics as 1 of 4 startups leading the AI wave in Montreal. Montreal’s most widely circulated newspaper likened Montreal’s rise as an AI hub to that of the dominance Silicon Valley has had in the consumer technology space with companies like Uber and Airbnb.

C2RO Cloud Robotics is the only robotics company to be mentioned in the article, which highlights C2RO’s cloud-based SLAM technology, CSLAM. The article quoted CEO Riccardo Badalone saying, ” it’s so powerful to have [processing] in the cloud because we can start combining different artificial intelligence modules to give the robot more capability.”

There is publicity in many North American cities, often self-generated, about rising startup technology hubs, but the Gazette cites ElementAI and Automat, both of which have raised serious funding, as reasons why the innovation in Montreal is more than just talk.

The Gazette points out that while ElementAI and Automat have commanded funding and headlines in Montreal, the city must continue to invest in homegrown startups headquartered in Montreal, such as C2RO, that have the potential to become disruptive market forces.

C2RO successfully partnered with Australian robotics manufacturer Exaptec last month to show off the world’s first live demonstration of cloud-based SLAM in a completely unstructured environment.


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