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C2RO NEWS | PIPEDA Certification Announcement

C2RO, the pioneer in GDPR-compliant AI Video Analytics, continues its commitment to respect data privacy by achieving its PIPEDA milestone in Canada. *ENTERA™ builds on the foundation of C2RO PERCEIVE™ and continues to leverage the principles of data minimization, security, and innovation with data privacy compliance at the core of the product development philosophy.

C2RO NEWS  - PIPEDA Certification Announcement
C2RO NEWS - PIPEDA Certification Announcement

C2RO has proudly announced today that a Canadian law firm has verified that the company’s privacy-aware AI video analytics technology, Perceive™, is in alignment with the 10 PIPEDA principles. This new milestone comes not long after C2RO announced that the CNIL, the France national data privacy supervisory authority, concurred with the company’s Office of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) that PERCEIVE™ does not present high residual risks for the privacy rights of individuals. This makes C2RO one of the first AI video analytics technology providers to be compliant with both European and Canadian data privacy laws.

Riccardo Badalone, CEO, C2RO
Riccardo Badalone, CEO, C2RO

“Having successfully tackled the data privacy barriers surrounding GDPR, we began the initial deployments of our AI video analytics solution in Europe in 2019. As we begin our expansion into the North American market, we wanted to ensure that our solution and technology comply with Canadian privacy laws, as well”, says Riccardo Badalone, Chief Executive Officer of C2RO. “Our continued commitment to providing accurate, reliable and privacy-aware AI video analytics technology has allowed us to build strong relationships with our customers and partners and accelerate our expansion across new market geographies and segments, including Smart Transportation and Public Safety.”

The Canadian law firm’s verified the C2RO Perceive Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) approved opinion by Haas Avocats law firm and CNIL in France. Although the design of Perceive™ makes it possible to temporarily process personal information, the extensive technological, administrative and operational measures put in place by C2RO are in alignment with the 10 PIPEDA principles and hence for the purposes of Canadian Data Privacy Law. C2RO’s “Privacy by Design” policy within the organization is what allowed them to develop unique proprietary biometric-free inter-camera reconnection capability and short-term data anonymization technique, making it possible to keep only relevant behavioural and socio-demographic anonymous and aggregated statistics of the people frequenting any physical facility. With actionable insights on visitor behaviour and facility performance, businesses can develop data-driven strategies that maximize their operational efficiency, ensure the safety of their physical spaces and effectively drive business growth while offering a better experience to their visitors.

Certificate - Most Trusted Retail Technology Companies 2020
Certificate - Most Trusted Retail Technology Companies 2020

In addition to receiving this new data privacy milestone, C2RO was also recognized as one of the most trusted retail technology companies of 2020 by CIO Techie, an enterprise global technology magazine, for its advancements in privacy-aware AI video analytics technology. Compliance with data privacy regulations is a key barrier for video analytics technology solutions, but if tackled strategically, as C2RO has done, can be a key differentiator from other solutions.

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