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C2RO NEWS | Quartier de l’Innovation (QI) Chooses C2RO as Startup of the Month

The non-profit organization Quartier de l’innovation is an important institution for creating an ecosystem of innovation in Montreal. This December, QI Montreal has chosen C2RO Cloud Robotics as the startup of the month. The announcement comes as QI Montreal aims to build on the momentum of major recent investments by large international companies to further Montréal companies and labs in the development of Artificial Intelligence.

For C2RO, this honor presents a great opportunity to showcase the latest in computer vision and cloud robotics to QI’s partners and major stakeholders including the Government of Quebec, the City of Montreal, the Government of Canada, and more than 20 corporate partners. To help showcase C2RO’s innovative technology, QI profiled C2RO founder and CTO Soodeh Farokhi at their TandemLaunch office.

One such corporate partner of Quartier de l’innovation is IBWave, a division of Corning Inc (NYSE: GLW), which has requested C2RO to present at a technology event on Tuesday, December 12th.


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