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C2RO NEWS | C2RO and Telefonica Tech Joint Showcase Set to Impress at MWC 2024!

Video animation with scenes of  the MWC Stage in Barcelona

Exciting News Alert! ✨

C2RO and Telefonica Tech are jointly showcasing a live installation of ENTERA at MWC 2024 in Barcelona! 🎉

There will be daily showcases of the powerful insights collected live at the showcase every afternoon at the Telefonica Stand. Proudly included in Telefónica Tech’s portfolio of solutions, C2RO is the exclusive partner for advanced enterprise video analytics.

Experience the power of C2RO's real-time video analytics software, revolutionizing how businesses can deter theft, streamline operations, and make data-driven decisions about their physical business while prioritizing privacy protection.

Join us at MWC to witness the future of data-driven decision-making unfold! 🚀


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