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C2RO NEWS | C2RO Launches Multi-Modal Solution to Stop Fitting Room Theft

We are thrilled to unveil the LIVE demo of C2RO's Loss Prevention Multi-Modal Solution for fitting rooms, specially designed for the fashion industry!

Experience how our cutting-edge Video Analytics AI powered by Intel, combined with RFID scanning, is revolutionizing retail security.

🛍️ The Challenge: Fashion retail faces unique theft challenges with high-value merchandise, easily concealable items, and the necessity of private fitting rooms. Fast inventory turnover and a welcoming shopping environment make theft prevention a daunting task.

🚪 Fitting Room Hotspot: Did you know that changing rooms account for 90% of apparel theft incidents and represent about 40% of total retail shrinkage? Thieves exploit surveillance blind spots, use booster bags, magnets, and create distractions to bypass security.

💡 The Solution: C2RO's innovative solution tackles these challenges head-on. Our Video Analytics AI offers comprehensive surveillance, while RFID scanning ensures real-time tracking and security. Together, they create a robust defense against evolving theft tactics, safeguarding your valuable merchandise and bottom line.

Check out the demo and see how C2RO is transforming retail security! ➡️(Visit C2RO's YouTube Channel:

Don't miss out on how we are setting new standards in retail security! 🚀


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