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C2RO NEWS | C2RO partners with Proximus

C2RO partners with Proximus, the leading Telecom service provider in Belgium, to showcase the C2RO Perceive™ analytics platform at ThinkThings 2019

The live showcase will provide Proximus enterprise customers with the opportunity to see first-hand the power of vision-based visitor journey analysis by demographic, and why it is a crucial part of next-generation BI technology roadmaps.

Telecommunications service providers are in a unique position to offer a global smart retail solution to their enterprise customers by using a combination of mobile network and IoT sensors data. Proximus and C2RO share a common vision that augmenting their existing offering with a powerful machine vision technology is a logical next step and will generate unique insights for commercial real-estate operators.

C2RO will be attending ThinkThings 2019 as a Proximus technology partner to showcase their innovative solution, C2RO PERCEIVE™, with a live demo at their booth. ThinkThings is an annual event organized by Proximus that gathers professionals from all industries to discover the countless possibilities of IoT and analytics.

Using surveillance cameras that will be installed throughout the venue, C2RO’s unique machine vision platform will measure the traffic flow and build end-to-end visitor journeys segmented by age and gender. Using those journeys, the company will then be able to analyze the conversion rate of each demographic class from one point of interest to another. The live showcase will provide attendees the opportunity to see first-hand how C2RO PERCEIVE™ can offer transformative and unique business insights while being compliant with the most stringent data privacy regulations in the world.

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