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C2RO NEWS | Partnership Announcement

C2RO joined SAP.iO’s Data & Analytics Berlin Program, elevating SAP solutions through privacy-aware AI video analytics for enterprise customers.

With over 200 applications from 43 countries, C2RO is among the 7 selected start-ups to join SAP.iO Foundry Berlin’s Data & Analytics Program, where they will work closely with mentors from SAP, to develop proofs-of-concept, using SAP technology and application programming interfaces (APIs), and identify opportunities to collaborate with SAP customers.

Montreal, Canada – October 7, 2020 – C2RO is proud to announce that they have joined SAP.iO Foundry Berlin’s Data & Analytics program, where they will integrate their privacy-aware AI video analytics platform, C2RO PECEIVE™, with SAP’s data analytics solutions and offer them to SAP customers. Through this 3-month program that will continue until Jan 2021, C2RO will work closely with SAP executives and mentors and have access to SAP HANA and analytics technologies, accelerating their entry into a curated and inclusive ecosystem whose offering can be easily accessed and deployed by SAP customers.

“We are thrilled to initiate our strategic partnership with SAP via SAP.iO Foundry Belin’s Data & Analytics program”, says Dr. Soodeh Farokhi, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at C2RO. “It is extremely valuable for us to closely collaborate with the SAP team and their customers throughout the program, to integrate our AI video analytics capabilities with SAP data analytics solutions and directly offering them to SAP enterprise customers while accelerating our growth in new market segments along with SAP.”

“We’re excited to work together with C2RO and explore how their innovative technology can bring value to SAP’s customers. We see a lot of potentially useful applications where physical space is a consideration, and especially as it relates to safety in the midst of COVID-19”, said Alexa Gorman, SVP and Head of SAP.iO EMEA Foundries Berlin.

C2RO was specifically selected for its advancements in accurate, reliable and privacy-aware AI-powered video analytics, and its cost-efficient approach in reusing the existing security cameras in public and private facilities for multiple market segments. C2RO’s “Privacy by Design” policy is what allowed them to develop unique proprietary biometric-free inter-camera reconnection capability and short-term data processing, anonymization and aggregation techniques making it possible to keep only relevant behavioural and demographic statistics of the people frequenting any physical facility. Integrating C2RO’s real-time video analytics insights with SAP’s predictive data analysis capabilities will allow enterprise customers to maximize operational efficiencies and help businesses elevate the customer experience and increase their ROIs.

About C2RO

C2RO is an AI enterprise software company based in Canada and was listed as 2020’s most pioneering AI video analytics solution by Corporate Vision. The same way Google Analytics revolutionized the digital world, C2RO is revolutionizing the physical world. C2RO leverages the existing surveillance cameras and uses proprietary edge-cloud AI to accurately analyze the behaviour, demographic and journey of people. C2RO’s product, Perceive™, is enabling data-driven decision making, optimization of operations, and transformation of physical facilities into safe, engaging, and immersive environments for visitors. The C2RO biometric-free solutions are built for scale and being compliant with the most restrictive data privacy regulations in the world such as GDPR.

About SAP.iO

SAP.iO is SAP’s strategic business unit to incubate startup innovation and drive new business models for SAP. SAP.iO stands for small input having an outsized output and represents our belief that small teams (input) can have outsized impact (output). The SAP.iO Foundries are a global network of equity-free startup accelerators that help promising startups integrate with SAP solutions and accelerate their entry into a curated, inclusive ecosystem whose offerings can be easily accessed and deployed by SAP customers.

Media Contact

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