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C2RO NEWS | Telefónica and C2RO Joint Whitepaper Collaboration

Telefónica and C2RO as partners are transforming physical spaces with privacy-aware AI video analytics technologies

Telefónica and C2RO share their expertise in a joint whitepaper on how AI video analytics is transforming physical spaces by providing businesses with a 360-degree view into people behaviour and business operations insights.

Data is essential in driving progress and growth for businesses, and a company’s ability to quickly derive actionable insights from their data is what allows them to build a sustainable competitive advantage. Accurate and quality insights on business operations and customer behaviour are critical to an organization’s success, as it allows them to see where they stand and identify the major challenges ahead.

While the advantage of having reliable data analytics are clear, businesses operating in physical spaces lack the analytics tools that their digital counterparts have, such as Google Analytics. However, recent commercial usage of AI-powered video analytics for physical spaces has proven that data extracted through such solutions can be more comprehensive, accurate, and qualitative in nature via an extremely cost-efficient setup by leveraging a facility’s existing video surveillance infrastructure.

In this joint whitepaper, C2RO and Telefónica presents the role of AI-powered video analytics in transforming indoor physical facilities by understanding the behaviour of people and their socio-demographic in such spaces. They also discuss the various aspects of video analytics, including key competitive advantages, applications, and adoption barriers. Furthermore, as Telefónica’s selected technology partner for video analytics, C2RO shares how they successfully tackled the data accuracy and data privacy challenges that surround this technology with its privacy-aware video analytics solution, C2RO PERCEIVE™. Details on the type of comprehensive aggregated and anonymous biometric-free insights, as well as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), that C2RO provides to its customers are covered through two use cases real-life deployments, a retail store in North American and a shopping mall in Europe.


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