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C2RO NEWS | Quantaflow Partnership Announcement

C2RO and Quantaflow announce a strategic partnership to jointly offer C2RO PERCEIVE™ GDPR-compliant AI video analytics for enterprise customers in France.

The strategic partnership between both companies will extend Quantaflow’s existing offering to their customers with demographic analysis, customer behaviour insights, and comprehensive journey analysis while accelerating C2RO’s growth into the French commercial real estate market segment.

Montreal, Canada – October 20, 2020 – C2RO, a pioneer in GDPR-compliant artificial intelligence-based video analytics enterprise software, announced that Quantaflow, the French leader in counting and analysis for over 400 shopping malls and exhibition centres, will incorporate C2RO PERCEIVE™ into its data analytics solutions portfolio. The two companies will form a strategic partnership to deliver enterprise-grade video analytics software solutions to the French commercial real estate market.

“We are very proud to be recognized by Quantaflow, the leading people counting solution provider in France that brings accurate analysis capability to the industry while protecting the privacy of visitors”, says Riccardo Badalone, Chief Executive Officer at C2RO. “Our strategic partnership with Quantaflow will significantly accelerate the deployment of our C2RO PERCEIVE™ software across their broad range of Tier-1 enterprise customers in France.”

With C2RO PERCEIVE™, Quantaflow will enhance its counting solutions for shopping mall operators and convention centres owners with a 360-degree view into demographically classified journeys and socio-demographic customer behaviour insights. These new capabilities will allow Quantaflow’s customers to develop data-driven strategies that maximize operational efficiency, ensure the safety of their physical spaces and effectively drive business growth while offering a better experience for visitors.

“C2RO technology brings a whole new dimension to Quantaflow’s visitor flow analysis: by allowing us to know more about visitors, we will be able to enrich our data and provide our customers with better solutions, whether it be for regular site management or to help make strategic investment decisions. C2RO’s recognized expertise in artificial intelligence and computer vision, combined with its extreme concern for respecting data privacy, gives Quantaflow a significant lead in the customer analytics market”, says Guillaume Noblet, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Quantaflow.

C2RO PERCEIVE™ is capable of retaining only relevant behavioural and socio-demographic aggregated statistics of the people frequenting a physical facility due to its unique proprietary biometric-free inter-camera reconnection capability and short-term data anonymization technique. Furthermore, the CNIL the concurred with C2RO’s Office of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) that C2RO’s AI video analytics solution Perceive™, does not present a high residual risk for the privacy rights of individuals.

About C2RO

C2RO is an AI enterprise software company based in Canada and was listed as 2020s most pioneering AI video analytics solution by Corporate Vision. The same way Google Analytics revolutionized the digital world, C2RO is revolutionizing the physical world. C2RO leverages the existing surveillance cameras and uses proprietary edge-cloud AI to accurately analyze the behaviour, demographic, and journey of people. C2RO’s product, Perceive™, is enabling data-driven decision-making, optimization of operations, and transformation of physical facilities into safe, engaging, and immersive environments for visitors. The C2RO biometric-free solutions are built for scale and being compliant with the most restrictive data privacy regulations in the world such as GDPR.

About SAP.iO

Quantaflow is the French market leader in counting and analyzing people flows through large complex sites with over 500 shopping malls and exhibition centres as their customers. The company designs markets and maintains a full range of hardware and software destined for use principally in major shopping complexes and large public buildings. With some 20 years’ experience, the company provides accurate people counts in very differing conditions (indoors, outdoors, in low luminosity areas, etc.) Quantaflow is recognized by the largest national property owners and provides all its customers with detailed reports on the traffic passing through their centres or public buildings.

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